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“…she’s got a good shot at the big time”
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“…next step is to get the product on the shelves of big box retailers”
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“…it relates to airport security…”
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“…measurable growth will be a goal…”
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Customer  Buzz

“Exactly what I needed

I sometimes have trouble remembering to grab a bottle before I leave the house, but I always have a bottle of water and back-up formula in the diaper bag. This is the perfect solution. It works very well, the nipple isn’t so slow that my 5 month old gets frustrated, but it isn’t so fast that she chokes. It’s very simple to clean and fits all of the water bottles that I’ve tried.

It is exactly what I needed to always have in the diaper bag, so that I always have a way to feed a suddenly “starving” infant. Thank you!”


These are wonderful! My 7 month old loves drinking from my water bottles and this makes it easy! You can also replace the nipple with one of your own standard nipples so they are used to it. Wish my son would drink powdered formula, I would love this to add formula to a water bottle put this on and go!”

“This is perfect for typical water bottles

This is perfect for typical water bottles (Deer Park, Sheetz water, Wegmans water, etc). It allows us to always be able to provide water for our daughter no matter where we are, or what the situation is. We always try to be prepared for anything, but we’ve had situations where the water or bottles we’ve brought for her have leaked. This allows us to go to any gas station, or store, and pick up some water for her.”

“Great for international travel

I wasn’t sure this would be useful when it was first given to me as a gift–I try to avoid having to many baby gadgets. But this has been a wonderful tool! My husband and I have been traveling through India and China with our 1-year old. In most of the places we travel, tap water is not safe and we can only drink bottled water. My son is old enough  to use a sippy cup or a cup with a straw, but both of those are bulky and run the risk of leaking in the backpack.  Moreover, there’s no easy way to clean a sippy cup in a hotel room–the tap water isn’t safe, so what would you use to  clean it

I like the Refresh-a-Baby because my son and I can share the same water bottle. That means less weight and space is taken up in my travel backpack. While he might be able to drink straight out of my water bottle, he tends to backwash…meaning I wouldn’t want to share. The adapter allows fluids to only go one way, so I can just pop it off and drink out of the bottle myself.

Back home, we try to use reusable containers as much as possible. But while on the road in places without safe water, it’s nice to have something that we can use on a disposable water bottle.

Our Refresh-a-Baby came with two attachments for different size bottle openings. I’m not sure if there’s a new design, based on the packaging, but we have found both useful. If I could make one minor improvement, I wish that the adapter came with a carrying case. I don’t like having it loose in the bottom of my bag–a ziploc bag is the best I’ve come up with to store it.”